Everything Is Exquisite

It all started with one word, and has expanded into something so much greater

Proud Small Business Owner in the Lowcountry

I graduated from college in December of 2012 and started my first business in March of 2013. My magazine, Exquisite Life Magazine, formerly known as So Exquisite Charleston, has opened doors for me in ways I didn't imagine! From that business, I've expanded the Exquisite brand in many ways.

Exquisite Enterprises Inc. is a media & community conglomerate focused on sharing knowledge and information through publishing, community engagement, and media relations. For over 7 years in the Lowcountry, I have helped dozens of small businesses & brands through our work in small business development & branding.

Exquisite Kids

Founded in Fall 2017

Exquisite Kids is my 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps kids struggling with social & emotional issues. 

Exquisite Internet Radio

Founded in Fall 2019

My privately owned & ran internet radio station that broadcasts indie music 24/7 and content from around the Southeast United States.

Exquisite Life Magazine

Formerly known as So Exquisite Charleston Magazine

Exquisite Life has evolved into a digital publication is centered around all things artistic and creative in the Lowcountry, local music & business, and so much more.

Girl2Girl Mentoring Group

Co-Founded in Winter 2019

This mentorship group was founded by myself, and my friend Jalesa Green. These programs are designed to help young girls dealing with self esteem & self confidence issues.

Partnerships & Collaborations

I've had the pleasure of working with a number of small businesses & brands over my 7 years as an entrepreneur, and 10+ years of community service. Check out my current collaborations & partnerships.

Hip-Hop Artist, Ray DeeZy

I met Ray DeeZy over 2 years ago & immediately fell in love with his music & work ethic. He & I have collaborated on several of his music projects and creative ventures through his brand, DeeZyland. He's also my fiance' whom I love dearly!