Kimberly B., the Author

In August of 2017, I took a leap of faith and published her first book. Since I was a child, writing had always been a passion for me, so writing a book was something I had claimed for myself many years ago. Not long after that, I published her second book. I've made it a personal goal to publish at least two works every year from now on.

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The Awkward, Hilarious, Painful Guide on transitioning into your 20s & surviving

As much as we fantasized about it, growing up isn't as glamorous of a life that we thought it would be. Nobody has it completely figured out, but upon first getting thrown into this sick game, it would be nice to have somewhat of a guide or road map. This book will be just that for you. 

Read my embarrassing, sad, hilarious, stories of how I did it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get frustrated, you'll be scared, you'll give up, but you will make it through regardless, and I'm going to make sure of it.​

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How to Be a Dope Entrepreneur

Taking the steps to become an entrepreneur and start the business you want can be an exhausting path for anyone. ​ Many give up, but others prevail and forge on to be successful. 

This is how you become a dope entrepreneur, by running your business and following your dreams the way you want, and learning from the journey on the way to each lesson. Allow me to share my story with you, and help you become the best version of yourself.​

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I Wrote This While Having An Anxiety Attack

Finding a creative outlet for me to express myself saved me from living a life suffocated by my own thoughts and criticisms. That creative outlet helped me to be able to talk to my family. I vowed, as I grew older and worked through my issues, that I would help another family do the same.

Having low self-esteem and confidence is terrible, but it’s even worse when you have to do it alone. Stronger families, lead to stronger children, strong children lead to stronger communities. This workbook is a step in the right direction.

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Be Exquisite Workbook

As a black female, millennial, entrepreneur, and approaching 30, my mental health isn’t always something I’m able to really tap into our acknowledge. What I thought was a normal night, led to me experiencing an anxiety attack that lasted a little over 24 hours, and taking a long look at the root of these problems.

In this short book, I share with you my innermost thoughts that took place while in the thick of my attack, as well as the different layers of me that create mental health issues, and some stories of others dealing with anxiety and depression.

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